Wednesday, March 22, 2017

History Day Reflection

1.The partners I worked with were Erin and Mara, our project being based on the former South Africa president, Nelson Mandela. We chose the project type as being exhibit. We chose to do Nelson Mandela based on the fact that without him the freedom of colored folks in South Africa would have been non-existent.

2.My favorite thing about our project was the way the exhibit turned out looking. For a big chunk of the time we couldn't decide on how we wanted it to look, but finally we decided to do the background painted the South Africa flag, which Erin took the job of creating. This is my favorite thing about the project because it simply brings the whole thing together.

3.I say the most interesting thing I ended up learning was the fact that even though South Africa was mostly colored, whites had the most power. I think this interested me because for once the smaller group had the power, which does not seem to ever happen. The second most interesting thing I learned whilst doing this project was what colored folks had to go through in order to live their everyday lives, such as having to carry around a pass whenever going into public. This interested me simply because I like seeing what people had to go through in order for things to be the way they are now. Neither you or I were alive during this time period, so we don´t truly know what is was like.

4.The hardest part by far was having to minimize our word usage in order to fit into the 500 word limit. I think this was just so hard for me because I´m a person who tends to stretch their words so having to narrow it down was really challenging for me.

5.I think I improved slightly towards the end about time management. Now don´t get me wrong at the beginning of the whole thing I was horrible about doing my work on time and still am but I feel like now I know how long something takes to do, and so I tend to do my work faster than before. This doesn´t mean I always do 100% of everything on time, but I like to think I improved even if only a little bit.

6.I think between now and history day, I just want to make sure we present everything well. What I mean by this is I hope our project has all the things needed and that we present it to the judges in a way that does the topic justice.

7.I´m most proud of the fact that we spent so long doing this and we tried really hard on it, which I think shows in the overall exhibit. I´m proud of this because without all the work being put into it, the project could not have possibly looked as it does.

8.Our topic relates to history days theme because Nelson Mandela took a stand for the rights of colored people in South Africa. Without him doing what he did for others, South Africa could have stayed like the way it did.

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