Thursday, February 8, 2018

Independent Project Reflection

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My project was about the human brain, as well the nervous system as a whole. The format I chose was one that I felt gave off a more professional vibe. I wanted it to be like this because of the the topic I was choosing to cover.

I like my project as a whole, but I think my favorite part about it had to of been the way in which I presented all of my information. I didn't want to put much information on the screen because I felt like then it took away from the presentation aspect of it. I think the only thing I was kind of iffy about what people getting bored, which they did.

The hardest part of this project was without a doubt the researching aspect of it all. Having to spend hours learning different words that hurt your mind just thinking about was not fun in the slightest. But  at the end of this all I do feel like I gained a lot from learning so much about a topic that I genuinely do enjoy. So even though researching was the hardest part of this whole project, it was also the most important.

I improved both as a learner and a student during the process of this project because  I had to put time and effort in and out of class into every aspect of this, and I also had to use my time well. Now of course this doesn't mean I'm a perfect student, one look at my missing assignments report could tell you that much. But it does mean that maybe eventually I'll get better. Maybe.

If I could do this whole thing over again I would change/improve my script that I did not have. I just wish that I would've written down some examples and such in order to give the audience something to actually listen to. I also wish I would have shown more visual things like diagrams or videos or such.

I'm actually really sad that this is the last year for us as an 8th grade to do independent projects with Mrs. Edlin. Maybe because just looking at her makes me more comfortable when I'm forced to speak out loud in front of people.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My Word

 Everyone was given a task to do, something that we think fits us best.We needed to pick one word. One word to describe how we want ourselves, our life, and our year to be. Instead of a resolution, we needed to choose a word. 

   Having to choose one word to describe what you want everything to be like this year seems nearly impossible. It's hard to choose just one string of letters to explain why you want this year to be different than the last, to explain how you feel. But I did choose just one word. And that word is survivor. It's a simple word, only made up of 8 letters, but the meaning behind it is different entirely.  The reasons why I chose this word instead of any others is because of the stories that are hidden beneath the surface of this simple looking word. I chose this word because of the memories and the thoughts behind it.

     My word might not seem like much at first, but once you learn the story behind it, it has a lot more meaning than what it first seems like. This word represents the fact that I am alive. I doubt anyone cares, but it is a really big achievement, for me at least.
     Last year was quite honestly the worst time of my life, so far at least. There was some wonderful moments, but last year I gave up, not just in ways such as doing my homework or studying every night. My life was essentially becoming a chore. It was getting increasing harder to do the simplest of tasks such as getting out of bed or even getting dressed. Life became so boring to the point that I almost didn't care what happened anymore, because I knew that if I let myself get absorbed in a moment that it would quickly be taken away from me. After all, what was the point of being happy if it wasn't going to last forever?
     I want this year to be better in every single way. I don't want to get that low again, because I know how horrible it is. I don't want to go back to the hospital, not in the way I did last year anyway.   This might sound stupid or silly, but I don't want to end going back there. Being so close to something really brings into perspective what it's really like. And I know no one cares, but I don't want to die.

     Thank you so much if you've helped me or even talked to me this year, it sounds dumb but it is how I feel. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

To Kill A Mockingbird Blog Post

The storyline that is for To Kill A Mockingbird is undoubtedly one of my favorites. But there is no denying the differences between the book and the movie. All movies that were adapted from books MUST cut some things out, or have a different feel. Books have a different way of portraying stories than movies do.
     That being said, I believe personally that the book is FAR better than the movie. This is a completely personal preference, but I like being able to read peoples minds, something you cannot get in a movie.  I think my biggest problem with the movie was how much of the story line they left out. They left out a house being burned down, as well as changing the entirety of the timeline in which all of the events occurred. I understand that in a movie you simply can't have everything that was mentioned in the book in the way the book describes it, but I would have at least liked to have seen more of the story than what was given.
     I know some people didn't like the fact that the movie was made in a time where black and white television was all that was available. But I feel like the time frame in which it was made makes it feel more realistic, the reason being the fact that in that time, the actions of the characters in this book made complete sense. I'm not sure why, but I just liked the overall feel of the movie.
     I would only recommend this movie to someone who has read the book and fallen in love with it. I don't think you should watch this movie unless you've already read the book because of the differences stated above. I did enjoy this movie despite the complaints I have about it.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

              The biggest thing that tends to get on my nerves without fail, is people who can't admit that they are in fact, wrong. If you say something, and then continue to lie to my face about said something, I am very close to going around and having people sign a petition if you did, in fact, say said something. I cannot stand liars or people who are only concerned with being perfect in everyone else's eyes. No human being is perfect, we all include flaws and dislikes and likes and traits that are good and bad, among other things. I guess I just think it's not okay for someone to not be able to admit that they did something wrong is all. If you can't admit that you did, in fact, say/do something and then try and defend yourself without being able to admit that whatever you did was not okay, I am obviously going to get upset. I think that it is a sign of a good person if you can admit to yourself and others that sometimes you're going to make mistakes and that you shouldn't argue or get mad when others point out said mistakes. So people, admit to something when you know whatever that something may be, is wrong. Please and thank you, from everyone else in life.

               I think people should never be... hateful. Biased towards a certain demographic to be specific. History is full of people being hateful towards others for things such as their skin color being different from their own. Hate causes war, genocide, and discrimination, among other things. Something as simple as your race has zero correlation in determining someone's character. People claim that these individuals are "dangerous", simply because they don't look like themselves in terms of things as unimportant as skin color. World-War 2, The Civil War etc. What do both of these wars have in common? They caused thousands of deaths simply because of hatred. HAtred should never be the cause of the end of anyone's life. Skin color, race, religion etc. have nothing to do with what someone is like, their personality or anything. Basically just don't be hateful towards other people different from your own, and remember that they didn't choose to be like that just like you didn't choose to be like you.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Words Of Wisdom Projects

This project really taught me what others thought. Everyone you see faces their own problems, and all of us just pass through crowded school hallways without even thinking of others. I found it so interesting to hear what these regular people told me, what they thought was important. I just genuinely like knowing how peoples minds work I think. This project was really important and I truly am glad we had the chance to do this.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

History Day Reflection

1.The partners I worked with were Erin and Mara, our project being based on the former South Africa president, Nelson Mandela. We chose the project type as being exhibit. We chose to do Nelson Mandela based on the fact that without him the freedom of colored folks in South Africa would have been non-existent.

2.My favorite thing about our project was the way the exhibit turned out looking. For a big chunk of the time we couldn't decide on how we wanted it to look, but finally we decided to do the background painted the South Africa flag, which Erin took the job of creating. This is my favorite thing about the project because it simply brings the whole thing together.

3.I say the most interesting thing I ended up learning was the fact that even though South Africa was mostly colored, whites had the most power. I think this interested me because for once the smaller group had the power, which does not seem to ever happen. The second most interesting thing I learned whilst doing this project was what colored folks had to go through in order to live their everyday lives, such as having to carry around a pass whenever going into public. This interested me simply because I like seeing what people had to go through in order for things to be the way they are now. Neither you or I were alive during this time period, so we don´t truly know what is was like.

4.The hardest part by far was having to minimize our word usage in order to fit into the 500 word limit. I think this was just so hard for me because I´m a person who tends to stretch their words so having to narrow it down was really challenging for me.

5.I think I improved slightly towards the end about time management. Now don´t get me wrong at the beginning of the whole thing I was horrible about doing my work on time and still am but I feel like now I know how long something takes to do, and so I tend to do my work faster than before. This doesn´t mean I always do 100% of everything on time, but I like to think I improved even if only a little bit.

6.I think between now and history day, I just want to make sure we present everything well. What I mean by this is I hope our project has all the things needed and that we present it to the judges in a way that does the topic justice.

7.I´m most proud of the fact that we spent so long doing this and we tried really hard on it, which I think shows in the overall exhibit. I´m proud of this because without all the work being put into it, the project could not have possibly looked as it does.

8.Our topic relates to history days theme because Nelson Mandela took a stand for the rights of colored people in South Africa. Without him doing what he did for others, South Africa could have stayed like the way it did.