Tuesday, October 31, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

              The biggest thing that tends to get on my nerves without fail, is people who can't admit that they are in fact, wrong. If you say something, and then continue to lie to my face about said something, I am very close to going around and having people sign a petition if you did, in fact, say said something. I cannot stand liars or people who are only concerned with being perfect in everyone else's eyes. No human being is perfect, we all include flaws and dislikes and likes and traits that are good and bad, among other things. I guess I just think it's not okay for someone to not be able to admit that they did something wrong is all. If you can't admit that you did, in fact, say/do something and then try and defend yourself without being able to admit that whatever you did was not okay, I am obviously going to get upset. I think that it is a sign of a good person if you can admit to yourself and others that sometimes you're going to make mistakes and that you shouldn't argue or get mad when others point out said mistakes. So people, admit to something when you know whatever that something may be, is wrong. Please and thank you, from everyone else in life.

               I think people should never be... hateful. Biased towards a certain demographic to be specific. History is full of people being hateful towards others for things such as their skin color being different from their own. Hate causes war, genocide, and discrimination, among other things. Something as simple as your race has zero correlation in determining someone's character. People claim that these individuals are "dangerous", simply because they don't look like themselves in terms of things as unimportant as skin color. World-War 2, The Civil War etc. What do both of these wars have in common? They caused thousands of deaths simply because of hatred. HAtred should never be the cause of the end of anyone's life. Skin color, race, religion etc. have nothing to do with what someone is like, their personality or anything. Basically just don't be hateful towards other people different from your own, and remember that they didn't choose to be like that just like you didn't choose to be like you.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Words Of Wisdom Projects

This project really taught me what others thought. Everyone you see faces their own problems, and all of us just pass through crowded school hallways without even thinking of others. I found it so interesting to hear what these regular people told me, what they thought was important. I just genuinely like knowing how peoples minds work I think. This project was really important and I truly am glad we had the chance to do this.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

History Day Reflection

1.The partners I worked with were Erin and Mara, our project being based on the former South Africa president, Nelson Mandela. We chose the project type as being exhibit. We chose to do Nelson Mandela based on the fact that without him the freedom of colored folks in South Africa would have been non-existent.

2.My favorite thing about our project was the way the exhibit turned out looking. For a big chunk of the time we couldn't decide on how we wanted it to look, but finally we decided to do the background painted the South Africa flag, which Erin took the job of creating. This is my favorite thing about the project because it simply brings the whole thing together.

3.I say the most interesting thing I ended up learning was the fact that even though South Africa was mostly colored, whites had the most power. I think this interested me because for once the smaller group had the power, which does not seem to ever happen. The second most interesting thing I learned whilst doing this project was what colored folks had to go through in order to live their everyday lives, such as having to carry around a pass whenever going into public. This interested me simply because I like seeing what people had to go through in order for things to be the way they are now. Neither you or I were alive during this time period, so we don´t truly know what is was like.

4.The hardest part by far was having to minimize our word usage in order to fit into the 500 word limit. I think this was just so hard for me because I´m a person who tends to stretch their words so having to narrow it down was really challenging for me.

5.I think I improved slightly towards the end about time management. Now don´t get me wrong at the beginning of the whole thing I was horrible about doing my work on time and still am but I feel like now I know how long something takes to do, and so I tend to do my work faster than before. This doesn´t mean I always do 100% of everything on time, but I like to think I improved even if only a little bit.

6.I think between now and history day, I just want to make sure we present everything well. What I mean by this is I hope our project has all the things needed and that we present it to the judges in a way that does the topic justice.

7.I´m most proud of the fact that we spent so long doing this and we tried really hard on it, which I think shows in the overall exhibit. I´m proud of this because without all the work being put into it, the project could not have possibly looked as it does.

8.Our topic relates to history days theme because Nelson Mandela took a stand for the rights of colored people in South Africa. Without him doing what he did for others, South Africa could have stayed like the way it did.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Shakespeare Reflection

Question #1 
     Was I excited to learn about a dead man from 400 years ago? To put it simply, no. I had heard about Romeo And Juliet and read enough conspiracy stories about Shakespeare in my time to not want to have to learn about him. I was convinced he was a reptile wearing a skin suit. But now I can appreciate how he wrote back then, and the things in which he wrote about.  I'm not going to lie there are authors from a long time ago that I consider to be much better writers, but it's all based on opinions. My perspective on him changed because the fact that we never got to really know much about him besides his plays, lets us know what he thought.

Question #2 
     I did not enjoy the way Kate acted at the end. It seemed too fake and she seemed scared. "Your husband is your lord." Is something that stood out to me when Kate did her final speech. He commands her to come, and she does, expressing that women are to kneel to their husbands and put their hands under their feet. Times were much different back then, and now these opinions are mostly outdated. I do not think Kate was tamed, rather too tired to fight anymore. 

Question #3
     It is extremely important in the sense that it shows us how he devolved in the years that he wrote. Comparing his first and last folios, they are much different in the sense that you can see how much he changed, as everyone does. On this particular field trip I was taught what people would do with these expensive books, using them as paper and placing food or other things on top of them. Now days, no body treats their books this way, instead treating them much better when compared. 400 years ago they did not have paper so they used what they could. I don't think there is one Shakespeare book with no markings inside. 

Question #4 
     He used language differently than we do now. If someone was to talk in this way nowadays, they would be called out on talking different. English has evolved so far from 400 years ago. His insults were a reason for people to enjoy his work. His creativity skills allow the plays to transform from being boring and plain, into something much more interesting. Death scenes in his plays are more common throughout others, specifically his tragedies. I enjoy these plays more because I enjoy learning about what people think about the harsh realities of life. So death in these words give more meaning behind what is happening in front of you. 

Question #5 
Life changes with time. Humans evolve and these words on paper let us think like them, let us understand how we got here. He may be 400 years dead, but his words are very much alive. He marked the beginning of something, he is important in life and the very meaning of entertainment. So many things have been expired by his plays, without him many things we have now would not be here. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

2016-2017 1st Blog Post

Goals are important, but let's not forget that we almost never make them all of the time. Let's say my goal was to get 100% on every single assignment I do, let's face it,  while I might get there it's more likely I won't. It's better to set a good goal that you know you can do rather than one you know you can't do in the time frame given. I can't run for president so me setting a goal to run against Donald Trump or go tango dancing with him might not be the most realistic hopes to have. Plus, I can't even tango.

My first goal, and wow I have said that word a lot so far. It would have to be to make sure I am staying up to date with my studies and not falling too far behind. I want to continue to grow rather than stay the same or else I will eventually fall behind. 

My second goal for my behavior? Well, maybe try not to get too discouraged if I don't get an A+ on everything? Now i'm not saying to go out and get all the F's and D's in the world and don't feel bad. I'm saying too try and aim for an A or A- because then that will leave a small amount of room for me to improve while still being high. 

My third and final goal, for improvement also I just had to look up how to spell that. Don't go down on your scores, continue to maintain them. For example in ITBS let's say I got a 13 for reading, actually I think I did I just don't remember. I can't go any higher than 13, but I need to try and maintain that 13 instead of slowly letting it drop to like an 8 or 9. Getting the best you can doesn't mean to just quit trying to get better all together instead just don't drop it. 

These are important because otherwise you're just going to be looking like a chicken with it's head cut off because you don't have any idea what you want to do in school. It lets you know what to do so you aren't just having no motivation in life. My first goal is because if your grades are bad then its impossibly hard to bring them back in time if it's near the end of the quarter. Grow instead of staying with the crowd, be ahead of them so you don't just blend in with average. My second goal reason is so that way I don't cry into my Shrek pillow at night wondering why I didn't do well enough. Yes I have a Shrek pillow and yes it is my baby. You just don't always get perfect grades, its just a fact of life, its nearly impossible to get 100% on ITBS so theres no reason you should even shoot for that. Set the best goals for you that are the best possible ones for you to accomplish for yourself. I chose my third goal is kind of really obvious. Like really really obvious. Let's say if you have an 11.9 in math, if you go down to a 3.2 that means something bad happened in that year between your tests. If you go back and forth guess what your grades are going to suffer. Just because you hit your limit doesn't mean you should stop practicing. That's like saying you're on the best volleyball team so you don't need to practice or try anymore because you're so awesome. Yeah news flash everyone needs to practice so their grades don't drop like dead fishes.

Thats all goodbye until next time I'm forced against my poor will to write another blog post.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Westward Expansion Project

     In case you can't already tell, at least I hope you can tell. I did my project on major religions in this area. The frog, I mean partner I worked with was Juliette. Also Mrs. Edlin I promise we don't hate each other  k thanks. The way we did this project was we split our facts half and half. She did the 1st half of the 30 facts and I did the 2nd half. This plan actually turned out to be best because we weren't constantly worried that the other one had the same thing because we chose what topics we wanted to write our facts about. I did smaller things like how old the world was in the Christianity bible or how there are over 4,200 religions in the world.
Now as for the prezi we did this was a lot harder to do separately because we wanted the whole thing to have a sort of theme and if it didn't then this project would be a hot mess. Heres how everything turned out:
Juliette- Font, symbols, half of writing and theme of prezi.
Whitney- Pictures of bibles, fast facts, End screen.
So we each did our own thing and at the same time went along with each other.
If I had to pick my favorite part of this project it was picking the project topic. As long as it related we were good to do pretty much whatever. I feel like kids learn more in a topic if they themselves are personally interested in. This allows our minds to open up more to new information instead of being limited like I personally feel we are whenever we are doing a project that we do not find fun.
My least favorite part of any project like this is the research. While yes I completely understand that it is extremely important and without it the whole thing would fall apart, it's just not exciting. But at the same time if you're finding out amazing new things then it's actually really fun. But the plain and simple ones are kinda dull.